CHI 2020 Course

Dealing with Ethical Challenges in HCI Fieldwork 


The course will blend the presentation of formal concepts with audience participation and with discussions of case studies. The tutorial will be structured along several core parts:

  • A survey of the existing ethical principles and body of knowledge, together with a review of examples of current policies and regulatory frameworks.

  • A presentation and small-group analysis of several relevant case studies that will help the audience enrich their understanding of the approaches taken by researchers in coping with such challenges. (i.e. “How would you handle this ethical situation?”)

  • A plenary discussion of cases and examples brought forward by the tutorial participants.

Previous courses

This course is based on a graduate student training seminar that has been developed by the main author, Cosmin Munteanu. The seminar has been given to MSc and PhD students in Canada who are conducting their research on technologies to support older adults. The material was also used by Cosmin Munteanu as a formal training seminar for faculty members in Canada and abroad.